Dressing up for “The Great Gatsby” Themed Party

The roaring 20’s was an iconic era in fashion where women dress up for the glitz and glamour. With the revival of The Great Gatsby in the silver screen, 20’s- themed parties are on the rise with women encouraged to take a bold steps back into the years of fashion glory.Hop back in time and dress up to Gatsby style with this Gatsby inspired get-up:

For starters, a dress that portrays sophistication in style would be the best base for your Gatsby get-up.

This gorgeous dress screams everything that is 20’s. from the above knee cut style paired with fishnet stockings, and all the laces in every layer. This will make a great look for anyone looking for a safe to wear dress with a color that matches class and sophistication.

Then, pair it up with this fabulous head dress  that will accentuate your 20’s look. This black-and-white feather headdress adorned with a mighty gem is sure to turn heads. Matched with bold pearl and you are good to go!

Your Gatsby inspired look will never be complete with the right accessories. After all, the roaring 20’s is all about flashy accessories and dazzling accents.

Try out any of these accessories to accentuate your 20’s look:

This glittering sequence belt will add more than glitters to your outfit. It can also be used for dresses with lesser laces and layers for that accentuated, fun style.

If too much headdress is not your thing, go a little conservative with this hair accessory. It is complete with the gemstones accents that is perfect for any 20’s occasion.

And of course, what’s a good look without the shoes. Polish the Gatsby style with these silver treasures that will sure to hype up your Gatsby experience.