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Welcome to American costumes “vintage category” for our fabulous collection of
“authentic vintage clothing & accessories“ perfect for high end, real costuming. We carry popular themes like 50’s dresses in tulle, chiffon & lace, pillbox hats, beaded purses for the girls & leather jackets for the guys. In 60’s we have imported silk skirts, leather hot pants, shorts & miniskirts, silk scarf tops & beautiful evening gowns.

For 70’s, crochet & tapestry vests, long leather jackets & loud shirts with big collars &
formal ruffled shirts; also bellbottoms, fly boys, & vintage shoes. Guy’s will love the polyester leisure suits, vintage rocker wigs & jewelry. For 80’s we have aerobic, disco,
rockabilly, pop & rock stars both authentic & reproduction from dresses, hats, sequin
butterfly tops, leather skirts, leotards, units, leg warmers, fingerless gloves, wedding gowns, and booty boots. We have authentic 80’s Hollywood 30’s/40’s reproductions & bling! (for vintage jewelry see our jewelry section)

In the “vintage category” browse through the pictures for period costume clothing.
Manufactured reproduction costumes are also available here.

Please note: You must measure carefully to avoid a miss fit in costuming. For example: Inches across the back from shoulder to shoulder, from shoulders to the wrists. Around the head, neck, chest or bust, arms, biceps, wrists, waist, belly, hips, thighs, knees, ankles & shoe sizes. Also height & weight help to determine body types. Such as tall, thick, thin, lanky, average, short or rotund. Exact measurements are necessary. Be specific!

Payments must be made in cashier’s check or money order. Sorry for the inconvenience, these can be easily purchased at your bank or any postal service center. You must have a call tag to return items and all items must be returned in a timely manner in the original packaging, unused.