Las Vegas Costumes

Welcome to Las Vegas Costumes! Of all the Las Vegas costumes to represent Las Vegas, the “showgirl” would be, in our opinion, first choice. Next in representing Las Vegas would be Elvis, third the gambling and gaming related costumes, like our playing cards or roulette wheel costumes. Fourth place would be the costumed characters that appear at the various hotels – Luxor, “Cleopatra,” Caesars Palace, “Mark Anthony” and “Julius Caesar.” Finally in fifth standing, all the costumes of stage performers and stars that appear throughout the years, Elton, The Rat Pack, Celine Dion, to name a few.

I can’t tell you the number of people that have come into our Las Vegas Costume store and asked for the theme – Las Vegas Costumes! It is actually a theme for parties and events. We’re have been ready! We have it all!!
For the Las Vegas Costumes theme we specialize in Elvis and Showgirl costumes. We have many Elvis style costumes from the 50’s Gold Lame, Hawaiian, Army, Jailhouse Rock, 68 Special to the 70’s jumpsuits. We have the wigs, glasses, scarves, rings and boots. The Las Vegas costumes for showgirl are full and spectacular. Our headdresses are as high as three feet. We have all kinds of styles and colors with glitz and rhinestones. We have backpacks, fanny packs, and boas, shoes, gloves and spectacular rhinestone jewelry. When a costume is full of rhinestones and dazzles the eyes when the lights hit it, then it is definitely a Las Vegas Costume.

People from all over the world love to take pictures in the Las Vegas costumes as souvenirs and mementos of their Las Vegas stay or buy them to take home. Don’t worry about taking them back . The Las Vegas Showgirl and Elvis costumes are light and easy to carry and pack. While you’re in town, you may buy a heap of things; so, one idea is to ship them back to yourself through the Fedex and Ups stores that we have in town. At times we have sold people pieces of luggage to transport the Las Vegas Costumes on the plane and avoid vast shipping charges, for example to England.

We are always buying out Las Vegas production shows for all their Las Vegas Costumes and vintage stock. We refurbish what we can and then sell it in the store. It’s all about the glitz and glamour of every Las Vegas Costume.
Another part of our Las Vegas Costumes selection is the stage performer section filled with impersonator costumes like Little Michael, Marilyn, Elvis, Elton, Cher, Kiss, the Beatles, Prince, and Liberace to name a few. People frequently choose the “celebrity” theme for getting dressed up, especially the corporate folks on a convention.
We encourage people to call us for the marching bands, and just for weird and wacky stage wear. We have plenty of small and very large sizes as well, drop us a line and we will email new arrivals.
In our Las Vegas Costume section, we also have a wide range of different headdresses. This might be just your thing if you already have the body suits or gowns and just need something to top it off.

Costume Store Las Vegas
Costume Store Las Vegas

Costume Store Las Vegas

Best Costume Store Las Vegas – We are the only Las Vegas costume store in Las Vegas that prides itself on stagewear, and celebrity costumes. We have been around since 1977 and started out as a singing telegram store that had many costumes to go out in and rent out at Halloween and through the year. Later on, we became a full brick and mortar costume store that does singing telegrams. We are now one of the most influential Costume stores in Las Vegas located near the hotels and the strip, servicing visitors for their marriages, conventions, parties, and stage shows. Our particular Las Vegas Costume Store is not like our competition. All our costumes are available to the touch. We used to pull costumes out of the back and present the rentals to the public. No More! Now everything is available to see and to touch: out in the open comprising the six long isles of upgraded costumes. Hats on top, costumes in the middle, footwear on the bottom.

The customers love it! …It’s like no other costume store we have experienced. The customers are finally invited to see all the goods and don’t have to keep asking for different things, they can just browse and fondle. We also have pictures of the costumes right above or near the items and sizes right on the hangers as well as inside the costumes. We truly feel as a Las Vegas Costume store we are hitting the mark. The response is great and appreciated, and as far as las Vegas Costumes Stores go, our customers have repeatedly compared us to the other Las Vegas Costume shops telling us right in the store how wonderful we are at American Costumes and walking out of the shop with thumbs up .

Vegas Costumes

The number one Vegas Costume is the Las Vegas Showgirl Costume. The Las Vegas shows, comprising Las Vegas strip, as the Entertainment Capital of the World, present to it visitors Vegas Costumes or Vegas styled costumes that can only be described as Magnificent, Awesome, Spectacular, and down right Overwhelming!
The Las Vegas costumes stores are engulfed in this Vegas Costume aura and culture and are forced to deliver to the public Vegas-style Costumes. Where else on earth would one expect to get a Las Vegas-style costume but in Las Vegas.

All over the world, show people are clamoring for the Las Vegas Style costume or Vegas Costume which is a costume known for its glitz, sparkle, and spectacular glamour. We at American costumes take pride in specializing and offering the Vegas Costume or Las Vegas Style Costume which includes rhinestone tails for men and women, dance leotards full of rhinestones for women, and rhinestone jumpsuits for men. Whatever the Vegas Costume or Vegas Style Costume…. the more rhinestones the better. When the theater lights bounce and reflect off the stones and studs, the public is mesmerized. Some of our Vegas costumes or Vegas-style Costumes at American Costumes for famous entertainers include Elvis, Liberace, M. Jackson, Prince, Elton,Cher, Midler, not to mention Showgirls, Circus, Kings, Queens, and Renaissance Royalty

Cheap Costumes In Las Vegas
Cheap Costumes In Las Vegas
Cheap Costumes In Las Vegas

Cheap Costumes In Las Vegas

What are the cheap costumes in Las Vegas? Well, generally they are certainly not Elvis and Showgirls. However at American ,we have seen some cheap renditions of Elvis and Showgirl that nobody would put on, in the hopes of looking like Elvis or a Showgirl.

The Packaged costumes are the cheap costumes not only in Las Vegas but everywhere. At American Costumes, we think of a cheap costume as anything under $100. Cheap costumes are not finished. Cheap costumes are not hemmed. Cheap costumes are not surged. Cheap costumes are not pressed or steamed. Cheap costumes are made with taffeta and cheap materials, using velcro instead of buttons or zippers. Cheap costumes do not fit right or look good when you put them on. All in all, if you have to don a cheap costume in las vegas among your peers, the general consensus is that people generally do not want to wear a cheap costumes in las vegas when Las Vegas is known for its high-end show costume influence.
It makes them look cheap!

But wait… where is a cheap costume really effective? It’s where you don’t have to impress anybody. You could care less. You just need to put something on to get by. Everyone’s going to be drunk anyway. Who cares! Kids going “trick or treating” can get away with a cheap costume.
American costumes does not try to indulge in cheap costumes. However, when a costume is licensed and there is no other rendition of that costume such as Superheroes, we then take the cheap costume and alter it and steam it, of course making more compatible to higher more desirable standards.

Las Vegas Showgirl Costume

There is probably no costume of more notoriety representing Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Shows than the Las Vegas Showgirl Costume. We have people coming into our store just to take pictures in a Las Vegas Showgirl Costume and to send them to people as a memento of their trip to Las vegas. Yes, they actually want to put on a Vegas Showgirl Costume in the store, take their pictures, and leave.

Some patrons rent the Las Vegas Showgirl Costume and take pictures by the Las Vegas Signs in town and in front of major hotels. Nonetheless, donning a Las Vegas Showgirl Costume is very glamorous as well as sexy. What would be better to represent your time in Las Vegas than to take a picture with a beautiful girl in a Las Vegas Showgirl Costume and that is what people do all along the strip and downtown on the sidewalks of Las Vegas. Imagine, being in Las Vegas, walking down the strip and between hotels, right in front of you, is this beautiful girl in a Las Vegas Showgirl Costume ready to take a picture with you. I’m In!

At American Costumes we cater to eight styles of Las Vegas Showgirl Costumes.
1. Bikini style with “T” strap fanny pack and headdress
2. Bikini style with full panty fanny pack and headdress
3. Leotard style with fanny pack and headdress
4. Leotard style with over skirt boa and headdress
5. Bikini style with long Backpack and headdress
6. Leotard style with long backpack and headdress
7. Sequinned dress with boa and headdress
8. Sequinned dress with long backpack and headdress

The Las Vegas Showgirl Costume is definitely a staple in the Las Vegas costume houses and will remain as the icon of Las vegas and endure forever.

History of Las Vegas Costume Stores
History of Las Vegas Costume Stores
History of Las Vegas Costume Stores
History of Las Vegas Costume Stores

History of Las Vegas Costume Stores

The History of las vegas costumes store goes back to about 1965 when there was only one Las Vegas costume store at the time named Williams Costume. Owner Nancy Baker had a little place in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, and I’ll never forget meeting her as I was then in the Air force and needed a costume for an entertainer in my squadron. That time the Williams costume store did a lot of prom and tux rentals. Over the years she expanded to her own building on third street and colorado and became the biggest and grandest Las Vegas Costume store. Williams costume was the only costume store that actually specialized in one making their own costumes offering gem stones feathers and material so that any entertainer in las vegas could come in and buy the necessary items to make their own Las Vegas Show Costume. unfortunately in 2017 that historic Las Vegas Costume Store had closed due to her passing.

At about 1976 on Sahara and Decatur ventured up another Las Vegas Costume store- Star Costumes which was the second leading Las Vegas Costume store that graced the city of Las Vegas. Star costumes was bought by the current owner in the eighties and now resides on Valley View. After a number of years of growing and developing Star Costumes has become one of the Leading Las Vegas Costume Stores in Las Vegas. Around the same time as Star Costumes was born, American Singing Telegrams came on the scene renting out it’s costumes every Halloween and buying new costumes every year to facilitate the Singing Telegram business. After a number of years of collecting costumes, American Singing Telegrams opened American Costumes and became the third Major player of Las Vegas Costume Stores in the city and currently resides on Sahara in Commercial Center.

The Costume business can be vast, possibly comprising Tuxedo and Bridal rental, Kids Costumes, Prop Rental, Party Rentals, Materials, Hardware and Supplies, Packaged Costumes, Tailoring and manufacturing. It seems like there is no Las Vegas costume company today that does it all. But over the years the history of Las Vegas Costume Stores has to include a number of smaller stores that have come on the scene to bear what they could of the costume business. There are three stores that I know of that have come and gone. Today there are two main Las Vegas Costume Stores that do extensive sales and rentals and other smaller stores that just cater to packaged costumes and sales. There are Las Vegas costume stores that are pop-up stores and just cater to Halloween. Some Las Vegas Costume Stores are catering to Showgirl Costumes and stagewear. The future of the Las Vegas Costume store is to have the unusual, the custom, the one of a kind and to show it on the internet.