Jewelry For Party Costumes

Welcome to American costumes “Jewelry Category,” for all occasions. We hope you love the real, the faux & the vintage reproductions of our jewelry through the ages. We pride ourselves in meeting all themes, and totally ask for your input on anything we may have missed. We wish to run the gamut from age old “Vintage Costume Jewelry” to modern day “Bling”, as well as “Fun Faux Costume Jewelry” in bright candy colors.

Some of our most popular themes for costume jewelry are 50’s,60’s &70’s with authentic wooden & crochet necklaces & bracelets, clip on earrings & pearls. We have Heavy Metal pieces for True Rockers. Our feathered & jeweled sequin chokers, hair combs, cameos & headbands are perfect for the Roaring 20’s, Colonial ,Victorian or Western. We have authentic 80’s reproduction pieces of costume jewelry that meet modern day Retro themes such as 80’s Rockabilly & 30’s / 40’s old Hollywood. These are also awesome for Disco & 80’s pop star costumes like Madonna & Cindy, the Bangles & Blondie.

Our stock is ever changing & all sales are according to availability so please act quickly to photos upon viewing them. Our vintage movie quality Costume Jewelry collection is both fleeting and unique as opposed to the costume industry’s manufactured version of Costume Jewelry, which we can also provide in pretty candy colored & clear plastics.

Step 1. Simply choose the jewelry category theme above, such as “Egyptian” for Cleopatra earrings, necklaces & bracelets. (See accessories category for collars, wrist bands, snake armbands, & belts)
Step 2. You must measure carefully so that we may avoid any miss fit. Measurements consist of numbers such as the amount of inches around the neck for necklaces & wrists for bracelets or vintage watches. There are finger measurements for costume rings that are not adjustable. Waistlines are necessary for non stretch belts. Inches around the arms are good for the perfect fit of arm bands with no give. You can measure around the thighs for garters, around the ankles for ankle bracelets & toes for toe rings. Now call us to see if we have it in stock and to take your order.
Step 3. All sales of Costumes Jewelry must be prepaid via cashiers check or money orders. (Sorry for the inconvenience) These are easily purchased at your banks or any postal service center. We have period pieces that will leave your competition all behind in the costume contest line. We carry custom made, manufactured and reproduction items.

Ask about our assorted jewelry by the dozen which is great for group or family theme parties, corporate events & conventions, independent film makers, Hollywood movies. Retailers are welcome. Please specify if you want a mix of men & women’s jewelry.

Please note: Because of the nature of the industry, our return policy is the following: 1. You must call immediately for an authorization number to be put on the package so we can accept it upon delivery to us. 2. You must return all items in a timely manner in the same unopened packaging.

Accessories are the clincher in costuming!