Accessories for rental costumes

Accessories for rental costumes - American Costumes Store Las Vegas
Accessories for rental costumes - American Costumes Store Las Vegas
Accessories for rental costumes - American Costumes Store Las Vegas
Accessories for rental costumes - American Costumes Store Las Vegas
Accessories for rental costumes - American Costumes Store Las Vegas
Accessories for rental costumes - American Costumes Store Las Vegas

Welcome to American costumes’ “Accessories” category. We work hard to run the gamut of costume accessories throughout the time line, going all the way back to caveman bones & animal teeth to wear in the hair, on the neck and ankles. For wild hair, you will want to visit our “wig category” on the accessory page. We carry accessories representing Africa, the Middle East, China, Greece, Rome, Europe, England, to the America’s…including Native American Indian, Eskimo, Aztec, Hawaiian & Inca’s. Please let us know if there is anyone we have missed.

What ever costume you want to wear, we want to help you make it sensational with proper accessories. If you want to be a China Doll & wear sticks or flowers in your hair or wig, delicate fabric or wooden shoes or a show quality jeweled headdress complete with a ponytail or braid, we are the “can do costume store”, specializing in upgraded costumes and accessories.

Be a Roman Goddess in a laurel wreath or one of our gold custom handcrafted jeweled headbands. (Visit our Jewelry category for the lovely beaded & stone necklaces & bracelets to accent one of our long flowing gowns for the Gods & Goddesses.)

We have Renaissance accessories from peasantry to royalty including King Arthur, Dukes, Knights & Squires, Queen Guinevere, Maid Marion & the smoldering wenches of England, with all the hats, hoods, crowns, swords & sheaths, pewter cups, belts, boots, boot tops, snoods, scepters & page boy wigs that you are looking for.

Would you like to be a native American Indian? We have all the accessories from the Chief’s Headdress to the single feather headbands of the Indian Braves. Now add the chest plate of bones, & bows & arrows. We have moccasins for men & women & feathered dresses for the ladies. (See the “Jewelry Category” for necklaces, bracelets & ankles bracelets.) The long flowing 36” wigs that sing of Cherokee Cher in black are the perfect finish to wear straight down or in braids.

The Colonial characters such as Washington & Jefferson, Rock me Amadeus, Marie Antoinette and the pirates of the Caribbean, are so much fun to put together with tall sox, ruffled, jeweled jabot sets , pearls, shoe buckles, tri-corn & bi-corn hats. We have all pirate accessories too, like bandana’s, eye patches, earrings, swords, sashes, boot tops & treasure coins to trade for kisses! Ask about our treasure chests for party props. When doing the “Three Musketeers”, you will love the hats, tunics, swords, boot tops & wigs.

Egypt’s Mark Anthony, Caesar, Cleopatra & King Tut are adorned with gold or silver headdresses, collars, snake arm bands, bracelets, coin chain belts, armor, helmets, sandals, swords, shields, leg guards, arm cuffs, laurel wreath headbands, & rope belts.

Our Belly dancers are a must see. We have hats that are authentic, custom handcrafted & costume manufactured. We also have finger cymbals, feet & ankle bracelets, coin & sequin belts, veils, & jewels that adhere to the belly button & forehead.

Our Harem girls all have matching headbands or hats for their mid drift tops and blouson pants. Our “Sultan of Swing’s” turban with feathers & jewels, tops off the Harem men with their wide sashes, oil lamps, pointy silver or gold shoes & trimmed vests. The Oil Sheik’s are very cool when they add big sunglasses to their long flowing robes, tunics, belts & sandals.

Hawaiian flower leis & headbands, flowered or leaf bras, grass & wide leaf skirts, leaf ankle bracelets, shell necklaces & thick long wigs make all the Hawaiian Princes want to dance with their Hawaiian princesses. The grass skirts & ankle bracelets are perfect for hot summer backyard barbeques for the men.

Weather it is the 3 Amigos, 3 Stooges, 3 Little Pigs, 3 Musketeers, or the 3 Bears we can accessorize them all. From hats and wigs to boots and shoes, & in between is what we do.

Let us help you with your school & church projects. Presidents & First ladies for wax museum & school plays to Bible characters for church plays. We have simple accessories to full costume.

We appreciate pictures of the characters so we can pick up on details like, how many eyes does a fly have? Was it a string tie or a jabot set? How long was the skirt Abigail wore? It helps us to get an “A” too!

We look forward to accessorizing all your favorite costumes. Because accessories are the thing that makes a costume go to the next level.