Las Vegas Theme Weddings Costumes


Welcome to Las Vegas Theme Weddings. The most popular “Las Vegas Theme Wedding” is Elvis and Marilyn. We invite the whole world to come to Las Vegas and get married or renew their vows as Elvis and Marilyn. The groom wears the Elvis costume and gets married by an Elvis impersonator. As a matter of fact, it is common practice to have to groom as Elvis, the minister as Elvis, and even the bride as Elvis. Everyone can be Elvis; even the person who gives the bride away, as well as the family and friends. It’s an Elvis kind of event and the pictures prove it. Everyone should be Elvis at least once in his or her life?

The Las Vegas Theme Weddings started about fifteen years ago with Renaissance, kings and queens, dukes and duchesses. The colors were vivid and rich and everyone who posed for the camera, brought a splash of splendor to the photos as well as the event. The wedding parties loved dressing as royalty. It’s good to be king! .

In popularity, it’s western costumes next. The men loved dressing up as the Earp brothers or Tombstone in their long dusters and frock coats and big mustaches; the women love their Southern Belle and bustle gowns. Gunfighters and Saloon Girls marched down the aisle at Little Chapel of The West.

Gangster and Flappers take the scene next. The Roaring Twenties theme with the men in loud pinstripe suits and the women as their gun molls, or in their flapper dresses are very popular. this is a style for everyone, easy and flattering.

Until recently Pirates were getting married on the ship at Treasure Island. People were saying ” I do” on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise at the Las Vegas Hilton’s Star Trek Experience. We even had people dress up as dinosaurs making the statement that marriage, was also ,yes ,a dinosaur. Couples dress up in Victorian garb and marry in a hot air balloon. It is endless!!! And all the creativity is so much fun for us. Lately it’s guys dressing up in baby blue tuxedos and reliving the movie the Hangover…. needless to say we ordered more blue suits

The major Las Vegas Themes are Elvis, Marilyn or Showgirl, Renaissance, Western, the Polyester 70’s, Roaring Twenties, Hollywood Thirties and Forties, Yeah Baby Austin, and the Hangover.

Above are the most common Las Vegas themes for weddings. click on them and you should get samples of men’s and women’s costumes …we have many more than these, of course…….. if you don’t see what you’re looking for, email us and we’ll send you more pictures .

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