Burning Man 2015: What to Wear

Burning Man 2015: What to Wear
Every year, tens of thousands of people flock the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to form a community dedicated to art, self-reliance, self-expression and creativity. The culture inspired from the Burning Man’s long-standing tradition has encouraged many around the world to create art, express themselves and live life to the fullest. This year another set of individual acts of self-expression within the context of communal efforts will spark another catalyst of self-love around the world.
The 2015 Burning Man is a celebration of self and creativity, so people clad in various costumes of different sorts and styles are expected to grace the event. Coming in plain, simple outfits are not at all prohibited, but slipping into one of your choosing will likely to make you feel belonged and elevate the experience.
For this, we have come up with top picks of Forgotten City 2015 outfits that are perfect for everyone.

Go ala-Picasso lay-back and comfy with this artistic outfit. This is perfect for the warm desert environment while staying in sync with the arts and creativity around.Burning Man
The Death God costume is also a popular choice as an outfit for self-expression. This is a reflection of defiance to everything and a profound statement for embracing life.3
The 2015 Burning Man ‘s Art Theme is all about masks, so if you want some of our most creative masks click here.4
Self-expression is not something to be suppressed, defy the norms and stand out. These costumes may give out a hint of anarchy, but that’s the idea of unapologetic self-expression, isn’t it?3
It’s a celebration of colors in Forgotten City 2015, so you might as well come in colorful get-ups. Fairies and butterfly costumes are always sexy and artistic. Feel the vibe!4
Think outside the box and unleash your inner creative self, for more amazing costume styles and ideas, check out American Costumes today!