A Las Vegas Theme Wedding to Remember

Las Vegas is known as the Wedding Capital of the World and for good reason. The state is known for fast, affordable and easy to acquire marriage licenses. There are many wedding venue options to choose from. Couples can choose to have a grand ceremony in one of the many hotels along the Vegas strip or have a quickie I do at the Palace of Justice for $60. Whether the ceremony is civil or religious, there are many hotels, banquet halls and chapels that offer wedding packages.

LAS VEGAS THEME WEDDINGSLas Vegas is the wedding destination to remember. There is always something to do, places to go and wonderful food to enjoy. This dessert oasis offers everything from the best casinos to jaw-dropping acts and shows you will ever see, just remember to pace yourself and leave some energy for the big day. Las Vegas also offers many quiet retreats from acclaimed spas to the most talked about mega-pools. Just the right rest and relaxation you need for the day before the wedding.

Another big element of a Las Vegas Wedding is the theme, there are unlimited possibilities to choose from that spell spontaneity and magic. Themed weddings give couples a chance to explore their fun, adventurous and creative side. Couples can choose to go classic with Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, or go for a sweet Hawaiian Luau, better yet a Star Trek wedding complete with a Klingon entourage. Best of all, everyone at the wedding is guaranteed to enjoy, they can even join in on the fun and wear their own quirky costumes. It’s all possible in Vegas!

For brides looking to fulfill the fairy tale wedding of their dreams, Las Vegas is the place to do it. To help you dress up your fantasy, American Costumes is here to supply you with every costume imaginable from every era. Why get stuck in a boring wedding ensemble with your groom uncomfortable in his tux when you can rock it Like Elvis and even have Austin Powers officiate the wedding? At American Costumes, we can help you plan your wedding fast and easy, from the wedding chapel to the balloon decorations and entertainment. Just tell us what you want and we’ll help you make it happen. Visit us at American Costumes or call (702) 671-0117 and let’s start planning your Vegas “I do.”